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Drive your Los Angeles RV rentals Down some of the State’s Most Haunted Roads

Posted on Oct 16, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and, here at 1st Choice RV, we are all about getting into the holiday spirit.  From corn mazes and pumpkin patches to haunted houses and horror movies, this time of year is perfect for those that like a little thrill.  If you’re planning a Los Angeles RV rentals road trip this October (or anytime really) and are looking for a little scare, why not explore some of California’s creepiest places?  The state is full of spooky cemeteries, mysterious homes, and haunted hotels, but if you are behind the wheel of California RV rentals it only makes sense to explore some of our most haunted roads.  Each of these historic highways has a unique and spooky story all its own. Are they actually haunted?  That’s for you to decide.

Scan for the Woman in White from the Comfort of your Los Angeles RV Rentals

Just a bit south of Santa Cruz, CA is the small town of Salinas, California – home to one of the many supposed haunted thoroughfares in the state.  East 8 Mile Road, or Chualar Rd., is allegedly home to a few haunts the most famous being a woman in white who tends to walk down the middle of the road.  If you dare look for her, be careful.  She is said to be malevolent – causing drivers to lose control over their vehicles upon getting spooked by her.   

Help the Spirit of a Girl in the Desert East of San Diego

Legend has it that a young girl was killed in a car crash on Dogwood Road, about two hours east of San Deigo, and has never left the scene.  Drivers have spotted her wandering the road and some have allegedly even given her a ride before she disappears from the vehicle.  If you’re feeling brave, try driving through the rural sections of Dogwood Rd. after midnight on your way through the desert on your California RV rentals road trip.  

Point the Wheel North to Hunt for Gold Rush Era Ghosts

Between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento is Georgetown, an successful mining town from the 1800s.  While strange things have been noted all around town, one particular stretch of Prospector’s Road has had multiple reports of ghoulish sightings.  Supposedly aggressive miners would ambush and murder their competitors on this road late in the night.  One such victim may have never left.  If you find yourself exploring Northern California in your Los Angeles RV rentals, consider making a pit stop in Georgetown – if you dare.

Heading to California this fall and looking for something to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?  Consider cruising down some of the state’s most haunted roads in your Los Angeles RV rentals.  The above three serve as a good start, but visit the link below for even more haunted highway suggestions.  Here at 1st Choice, we won’t tell you what to believe as far as ghosts and hauntings go.   We will, however, eagerly listen to your stories when you return.  That is, if you return…  


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