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Cruise Southern California for Fall Colors in LA RV Rentals from 1st Choice

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

Autumn in California offers the best of both worlds in terms of beauty and comfort.  Many states that boast incredible leaf displays during the fall months are also home to early frosts, cold temperatures, and even snowfall. Californians still enjoy beautiful changing colors but have less to sacrifice in terms of temperature.  This combination makes autum the best time of year to get coach rentals in Los Angeles and hit the road for some comfortable fall camping as the leaves change before your very eyes.  If you don’t have time for a major Los Angeles motorhomes road trip, don’t fear! Book LA RV rentals with 1st Choice in the beginning of October and explore these Southern California autumn getaways less than three hours from Los Angeles.

Autumn Beauty Less than Two Hours Away in your Los Angeles Coach Rentals

Perhaps the closest fall getaway from RV roadtrippers in Southern California is Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area.  Just under two hours from the heart of Los Angeles, the reservoir and surrounding beauty of the mountains and forests make for the perfect weekend escape.  When the colors start to change in late fall, you will see why so many Southern California residents cherish this place as the perfect hideaway.

The Perfect Fall Color Mosaic in Mount San Jacinto State Park

For those with a little more time to spare after they rent motorhomes in Los Angeles, consider making the three-hour drive to Mount San Jacinto State Park.  This gem is nestled between the Palm Desert and San Bernardino National Forest, creating a unique and beautiful landscape for all to enjoy.  You will be amazed by the changing colors in the treetops, but don’t get too distracted. Some of the most beautiful colors in this park are under your feet, where the plants of the forest floor and meadows create the perfect autumn blanket.

Get a Feel for the Sierra Nevada Landscape Without Leaving Southern California

The Sierra Nevada is one of the most beautiful regions of our state, but it is quite the drive for those of us that only have a weekend to spare.  To get a feel for what life is like in the jewel of Northern California, point those Los Angeles coach rentals to Palomar Mountain State Park.  This place is especially beautiful in the fall, as yellow fern meadows and golden chaparral contrast with dark green conifers and clear blue skies.  The landscape is stunning and will leave you feeling far removed from stereotypical Southern California.

Fall colors in Southern California are truly a sight to behold, as you watch The Golden State turn gold and feel the cool (but not cold!) breeze from the open windows in your Los Angeles motorhomes.   Use our three recommended destinations as jumping-off points, but half the fun of a road trip is improvising along the way.  The first step is to call 1st Choice today to inquire about LA RV rentals.  Then, get ready to make the most of your autumn on the road in Southern California!


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