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Celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles

Posted on Nov 18, 2018

Los Angeles is not typically what people think of when the holiday season arrives.  However Los Angeles, and California as a whole, is the perfect spot to embrace some seasonal festivities – especially if you are already planning a 1st Choice RV road trip this holiday season.  No matter where your motorhome vacation is taking you, consider spending some time in the City of Angeles either on the front or back end.  Whether you want to enjoy some holiday celebrations or explore the countless other things our city has to offer, you won’t be disappointed. If you are interested in some added wintery fun, check out these three local favorite activities and celebrations.

Ice Skating in Pershing Square

Whether you are visiting from a cold weather state or not, ice skating in Southern California is something of a novelty.  During your visit, head to the heart of downtown to Pershing Square and see for yourself how this small one square block green space can pack a magical punch.  During the winter months, until late January, the city builds an ice skating surrounded by the heart of L.A.’s skyscrapers. Over the course of the season, the rink also hosts special events like curling lessons and DJ nights.   Even if you are coming to Los Angeles to escape the cold back home, ice skating in Pershing Square is worthy of a visit.

Check out a Local Lighted Boat Parade

Lighted boat parades on California’s Pacific Coast have become a much anticipated holiday tradition, and if you find yourself here in the next month you should definitely add one to your calendar.  Each holiday season, countless coastal communities host these events where locals decorate their boats in accordance to varying holiday themes and, you guessed it, parade them down the coastline. Other fun holiday festivities accompany many of these events, and each provides the perfect avenue to celebrate the season even if you are far from home.  Locally, the Marina del Rey and Newport Beach boat parades are two of our favorites!

Check out Holiday Lights at the L.A. Zoo

Viewing Christmas lights is a favorite holiday tradition for many, and there are countless great places around Los Angeles to bask in the literal glow of the holiday season.  We are especially excited that the L.A. Zoo light display is back in action after a relatively long hiatus. Most animals will be asleep, but the lighting displays more than make up for that.  And, of course, no proper Christmas celebration would be complete without an appearance by Santa Claus and his reindeer – making this the perfect event for the entire family.

Los Angeles may not be the first place on your list to celebrate the holidays, but after just one visit it very well might be.  Check out some of the above events while you prepare or wind-down from your 1st Choice RV road trip, and prepare to celebrate the season in true California fashion!


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