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5 Best Books to Read While RVing

Posted on Aug 18, 2022

There are many benefits to camping, and every person will find their own unique joy when they hit the open road in their Orange County RV rentals. Southern California campgrounds offer boundless opportunities to escape the chaos of everyday life, yet nowadays even when we go camping so many of us do not fully disconnect. Many Orange County RV rentals are equipped with Wi-Fi and televisions. While these luxuries are not necessarily bad, we here at 1st Choice RV believe that camping should also be an opportunity to disconnect from technology. In this way, one of the most peaceful activities you can do while camping is to get lost in a good book. Below are five of our favorite books to read while you sit back and relax in Southern California campgrounds while on your Orange County RV rental road trip.

From Strength to Strength by Arthur C. Brooks

Books come in all genres, and as far as modern self help reads are concerned From Strength to Strength is hard to beat. In this book, the author examines how to continue to find purpose as you age, instead of declining toward eternity. What comes of it is an inspirational strategy to chase happiness and success long into your later years, which is perfect for many Orange County RV rental travelers.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

This novel has been out for a few years and remains one of the best stories told in recent years. Kya Clark is the protagonist in this historical fiction – which takes place in North Carolina – and her naturalist-inspired world is turned upside-down when she becomes the leading suspect in the murder of a popular local boy.

The Storyteller by Dave Grohl

If biographies and memoirs are your things, the new book by renowned rock and roller Dave Grohl is a must-read. Grohl is famous for drumming with both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, but storytelling may be his next calling. If you are looking for a good listen to while traveling between Southern California campgrounds, the audiobook of The Storyteller also comes highly recommended.

The 1619 Project edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones

1619 has become synonymous with birthing the tragedies and exploitation of the slave trade. It was this year that enslaved Africans first arrived on the shores of Virginia, launching the system of slavery that lasted centuries and we are still paying for today. The 1619 Project originated in the New York Times as a series of essays, poems, and stories, and these have been compiled with bonus material to tell the true and tragic origin story of the U.S.

A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean

While our other recommendations are more recent, A River Runs Through It is too much of an adventure and wilderness classic to not make the cut. In this short collection of stories, Norman Maclean paints a picture of simple times and adventure in the rugged small mountain towns of Montana.

When it comes to relaxing and unplugging while on vacation, it is hard to beat getting lost in a good book. It is easy to bring all of the conveniences of modern life with you on the road, but for your upcoming Orange County RV rentals road trip the experts at 1st Choice RV would encourage you to find some time to sit back and read. Pick something from the list above or ask for more recommendations when you call to reserve your motorhome rental today!


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