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Become a Rock Climber on your Los Angeles Motorhome Road Trip

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

California has a lot to offer anyone willing to put the time into exploring it. Orange County motorhome rentals are perhaps the most relaxing and enjoyable way to do so, and 1 st Choice RV is your go-to source for choosing the perfect rental motorhome in Los Angeles. On your next road trip, consider trying something new! California has a plethora of world-class outdoor activities including rock climbing. While maybe intimidating at first rock climbing is the perfect sport for everyone, and there are outfits across The Golden State that are prepared to help introduce beginners to the sport. Check out these picturesque parks and climbing destinations to tack on to your next Orange County RV rentals road trip.

Point your Los Angeles Motorhome into the Desert and Climb Joshua Tree

Located just a few hours outside of Los Angeles where you can pick up your Orange County motorhome rentals is Joshua Tree National Park. This park is known for its breathtaking sunsets, beautiful open spaces, and abstract rock formations. The latter of which just happens to be great for rock climbing! Each year thousands of rock climbers flock to “J-Tree” to practice their sport, and there are countless guiding operations just outside of the park that will take beginner to advanced climbers out into the park to explore the otherworldly landscape from a totally different perspective!

Explore the Birthplace of Big Wall Climbing with Orange County RV Rentals

The Yosemite Valley holds a very special place in climbing lore. Many legends of the sport got their start in Yosemite National Park, and the valley itself still holds some of the world’s most classic big wall climbing routes. This park provides the most breathtaking backdrop for afternoon learning to rock climb! Once again, there are many organizations that specialize in introducing clients to rock climbing in and around the park. With ample wildlife, waterfalls, and hiking opportunities, you should budget a few nights in or around Yosemite National Park to truly soak up its magic!

Soak in the Beauty of the Sierra Nevada in your Orange County Motorhome Rentals

Mammoth Lakes and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, though not designated as a national park, hold some of the best rock climbing, hiking, and camping in all of California. The rugged peaks and rolling valleys of the Southern Sierra will take your breath away with their beauty, and the abundant climbing opportunities are perfect for the whole family. Geographically, the Sierra Nevada provides the perfect halfway point for an RV road trip to Northern California.

Take your Orange County RV Rentals to North America’s Largest Alpine Lake

America is home to the continent’s largest alpine lake in Lake Tahoe. While that may be its claim to fame in the textbooks, the beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains is what really put it on the map. While visiting, consider hiring out a climbing guide from either the North Shore (Truckee, Tahoe City, Reno) or South Shore (South Lake Tahoe) to explore some local crags. While in the area, save some time to drive the scenic route around the lake, stand-up paddleboard, kayak, and enjoy the beaches of this natural wonder.

While road tripping through California, you will find yourself in a constant state of awe in soaking up the natural landscape that is passing by your windows. Our mountains contribute to much of this beauty and, while exploring them, consider trying something new! Hire out a climbing guide in any of the above areas for an unforgettable experience that will prove rewarding for you mind, body, and soul. Here at 1 st Choice RV, we encourage everyone to hit the road and try something new. This summer, maybe that something can be putting on a harness and conquering your fears while on the mountainside!


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