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5 Kitchen Gadgets to Optimize Space in your RV

Posted on Aug 03, 2022

One of the most fun – albeit challenging – things about traveling in Orange County RV rentals is consolidating your belongings to live simply while on the road. There are countless RV road trip tips out there, and the experts here at 1st Choice RV believe that simplifying and optimizing your kitchen space is the best and most important place to focus your attention. While you will not need to worry much about this in your California motorhome rentals (we’ve done most of the hard work for you!), these five kitchen gadgets are good to keep in mind if you graduate to ownership from your Orange County RV rentals or want to impress your travel companions in your California motorhome rentals.

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot has become a staple in households around the country, and really there is no better place for one than in your RV kitchen. Instant Pots are a one stop shop for most cooking needs, and their footprint on your counter or in storage is minimal – especially when you take into account all that they can do.

Cast Iron Skillet

As far as utilitarian cookware is concerned, you simply cannot beat a good cast iron skillet. Because most RV kitchens are much smaller than what you are used to, it is nice to build out your cooking toolbox with items that can do it all. Enter the cast iron skillet. You can use these in the oven, on the stove, or if you are truly embracing the camping experience even over the campfire at night!

Collapsible Measuring Cups

Saving space is the name of the game in the kitchens of most all California motorhome rentals. If you plan on doing more elaborate cooking and baking that will require precise measurements, consider adding collapsible measuring cups to the mix. Not only are many of them fun and colorful, but they have a very minimal footprint when storing them in a drawer or cupboard.

Collapsible Containers

Along the same lines as collapsible measuring cups, collapsible containers are a great way to save on space and food waste. These new-age Tupperware expand when you need them to and collapse when they are stowed in your motorhome storage compartments. Because effective RV camping requires good systems and organizations, these containers are a no brainer.

Folding Table

RV kitchens are charming, which is a word that real estate agents may use to describe something small in a home they are selling. In order to stay organized while maximizing space and usefulness, folding tables are the way to go. You can store them underneath your motorhome when not in use, utilize them for added counter space while cooking, or place them outside if you would like to eat in the great outdoors and your campsite doesn’t have a picnic table. Because they can be collapsed and easily stowed, folding tables are a great addition to any Orange County RV rental road trip.

There are countless RV road trip tips out there, and many of them deal with how to stay organized and develop systems while traveling the open road. Dialing in your kitchen is a great place to start, and the experts at 1st Choice RV are here to help in any way we can. Give us a call for more tricks of the trade or to reserve your Orange County RV rentals today!


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