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4 Reasons to be Thankful for California and a Los Angeles RV Rental Roadtrip this November

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Us Californians have plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and, with a Calabasas RV, you too can experience what our wonderful state has to offer.  Not only is the California highway system easily navigable and well maintained, but it will also connect you and your Los Angeles motorhome rental to countless amazing locations up and down the coast.  California boasts nine national parks and well over 250 locations that fall under the state park system’s umbrella of management.  There is no shortage of places to explore this fall in your California RV rentals from 1st Choice RV, but to get you thinking, here are four general reasons Californians are giving thanks to our state this November.

Cruising the California Coast in your Los Angeles Motorhome Rental

You can’t think about California without the Pacific Ocean and coastal beaches crossing your mind.  California’s westernmost border is made up of nearly 850 miles of continuous coastline, and each mile is more spectacular than the last.  Fall is the perfect opportunity to point that Calabasas RVtoward the water.   Head south in your Los Angeles RV rental to soak up the perpetual Southern California sun or experience our more temperate and rugged coast to the North.

Enjoy a Cool Fall in the Mountains from the Comfort of California RV Rentals

As much as locals are thankful for beaches we are equally grateful for the mountains that create the backbone of this fine state.  From the dramatic Sierra Nevada range in the east to the numerous wooded hillsides and mountains closer to the coast, the highlands are as much a part of the California culture as the picturesque beaches we all know and love.  Open up your atlas and pick a mountain range at random.  When you arrive there in your Los Angeles motorhome rental you will not be disappointed by the adventure that awaits.

Pay Thanks to California’s Oldest Residents with a Visit in your Los Angeles RV Rental

Some of us have family ties to the Golden State dating back for generations, but no one can claim roots in California longer than some of our oldest residents: the trees.  This Thanksgiving, we should all be thankful for the lungs of this planet – especially the individuals that have been rooted in California forests for far greater than 2,000 years.  Autumn is the perfect time to explore any number of the parks dedicated to coastal redwoods, giant sequoias, and countless other forested wonders.

Covering All of our Geographical Bases with California Deserts

No geographical gratitude list would be complete without mentioning deserts.  While it is perhaps common knowledge that California has world-renowned beaches, mountains, and forests, it is our deserts that provide California RV rentals the most unique road trip destinations.   Sprinkled throughout Southern and Central California are many must-visit desert environments that will help you appreciate the diversity and beauty of this country.

November marks the start to holiday season and provides the perfect time to reflect and give thanks.  We have much to be thankful for in California, and near the top of that list is the incredible variety in our natural landscape.  So what are you waiting for? Contact 1st Choice RV today and start planning the perfect Thanksgiving road trip to any number of our natural wonders!


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