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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going on an RV Road Trip

Posted on Sep 03, 2019

One of the most beautiful things about a road trip vacation is the freedom that is associated with it.  You are not bound by bus schedules, hotel reservations, or flight itineraries.  Instead, your home is on wheels and you have the incredible freedom to extend a stay or pick up and leave whenever you want.  Because you have so much freedom to work with, there are certain questions to ask yourself before leaving home on an RV road trip that will help make your adventure that much more enjoyable.  Below are just a few questions that the experts at 1st Choice RV recommend asking yourself before putting rubber to pavement.

Is everything in your real home taken care of?

Thoroughly answering this question will prove to alleviate incredible amounts of potential stress that you could feel on the road.  Before heading to Expedition Motorhomes to pick up your rental RV go through a personal mental checklist of all the loose ends at home.  Is the oven off? Are the doors locked? Do you have a house sitter? Do they have a key? Are your pets being taken care of? By checking all of these boxes ahead of time, you can more freely sit back and relax knowing that you will return to a home just as you left it.

Do you know where you are going?

Knowing where you are going matters more to some people than others, but having an itinerary (or at least ambitions) are good to have before starting your road trip.  If you pull out of the Expedition Motorhomes parking lot without the slightest idea of where you want to go you may end up wasting a lot of time that could be spent having fun on the road.  Instead, build a rough itinerary or at least a list of things you want to see or do over the course of your road trip.  Much of this can be pieced together along the way, but going into your trip with at least an outline will help you make the most of it!

Are there any can’t-miss pit stops you want to make?

Maybe you have your major destinations lined out, but have you considered what lies between Point A and Point B? Sometimes a slight detour on a road trip can lead to the highlight of a vacation.  If you know where you want to end up in the end, consider the different ways you can get there and see what interesting pit stops may be along the way.  Chances are good that you may find some incredible surprises!

Motorhome road trips are some of the most fun ways to see the country, but you can’t fly into them without a little preparation.  Don’t let vacation brain take over before you make a list of questions to ask yourself before leaving home on an RV road trip.  If you need help preparing, give our staff a call at 1st Choice RV.  We’re always happy to help!


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