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1st Time rental RV? The guide 101

Posted on Mar 06, 2020

1st Time Rental RV? Here are Four Essential Tips

Renting a motorhome can seem intimidating especially for new RV renters, but it really doesn’t have to be. Each year, thousands of friends and families embark on motorhome road trips that go off without a hitch and end up returning with nothing but wonderful things to say about their time on the road. If you are considering a 1st time rental RV, you can trust 1st Choice RV to help set you up for success. All new RV renters will have questions, and that’s normal. Our kind and passionate staff are here to answer all of them and address any concerns you may have. What follows are four essential tips for new RV renters that are guaranteed to help get your trip started off on the right foot. From here, give us a call to start working through the details.

Test Drive

While you may not be purchasing a motorhome, test driving a vehicle similar to one you will be renting is as important as test driving a car for purchase. If you are in the Southern California area already, swing by 1st Choice RV to test drive different vehicles in our fleet. If you will be visiting from out of state, stop by one of your own local motorhome rental agencies or sales lots to see if you can test-drive vehicles there. Test driving a motorhome serves a few purposes. For one, it will help settle any nervousness you may be harboring about driving such a big vehicle. It really isn’t that bad! One quick test drive will allow you to get a feel for what it is like to behind the wheel of a motorhome. Additionally, by test driving and doing walkthroughs of motorhomes of different sizes and styles you will be better informed when choosing what type of RV is best for your specific needs.

Book in Advance

Like most vacations, there is real value in making reservations in advance. Not only will you likely get a better deal, but you will also have a wider selection of RVs to choose from. While 1st Choice RV boasts a large fleet of motorhomes, depending on the time of year many or even most of our vehicles could be on the road at any given time. If you come to us with a plan in advance, our staff can help set you up with the perfect vehicle for your needs in your desired timeframe. An added bonus of booking in advance is that, when the time comes for your vacation, much of the cost could already be paid for!

Make a Budget

Motorhome road trips are an excellent way to travel on your own terms and at a reasonable cost but, even so, building a budget can be a very helpful tool. While you will likely be saving money on food and lodging over the course of your motorhome vacation, taking things like travel distance, gas prices, and desired activities into account will help you make the most of your time on the road. If you come to 1st Choice RV with a proposed budget, our experts can help set you up with the right vehicle and even travel tips to help you meet your financial goals.

Build an Itinerary

One of the most wonderful things about motorhome road trips is the freedom you get to choose your own adventure on the go. That said, having at least a rough itinerary or destination list in mind before you set off can be a great way to help you stay on something of a schedule and make sure you see all of the places you want to. Of course calling audibles along the way is half the fun, but having a rough idea of where you want to go will be a huge help when it comes to creating a budget and making the most of your time on the road.

While your 1st time rental may seem intimidating, you can trust the professionals at 1st Choice RV to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. From answering questions, helping with itineraries, choosing the right motorhome for you, and seeing you off on your departure we’ll have your back the entire way. When you pull out of our lot to start your adventure of a lifetime, any nerves you had will quickly turn to excitement upon first sight of the open road!


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