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1st Choice RV is now a top California RV Sales Destination

Posted on May 07, 2016

A longtime favorite for Calabasas RV rentals, 1st Choice RV has now expanded into the sales world as well. After years of providing innumerable California motorhome rentals to countless happy customers, it only made sense to offer sales to those in the market for their dream vacation vehicle. However, purchasing your very own Calabasas RV is not a small commitment. There are many things to investigate and research to make sure you choose the perfect vehicle for your specific needs. Check out the 3 tips below to help get you started!

Consider Maintenance when Discussing California RV Sales

Like car ownership, each vehicle comes with its own unique maintenance needs. RVs are essentially moving homes so to some extent you have to consider both homeowner and car owner maintenance. Generally speaking, the larger the motorhome and the more bells and whistles it has, the more potential quirks you will have to deal with down the line. Both small, simple motorhomes and extravagant large RVs have their perks – it’s just up to you to choose what is right!

Research MPG Before Buying your Calabasas RV

Similar to the maintenance component, miles-per-gallon varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. As you can imagine, larger vehicles tend to get slightly less mpg than smaller options. Depending on how important miles-per-gallon are when perusing California RV sales, you can easily choose your vehicle based on fuel efficiency.

Don’t Forget to Care for your Stomach

One of the greatest perks of RV travel is having the ability to prepare home cooked meals on the road. Whether you own an RV or use California motorhome rentals, most everyone loves cooking on the road. It’s comforting, economical, and a great way to spend an evening enjoying your campsite. That said there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing an RV when it comes to looking at the kitchen. Do you want a full kitchen for meals? Would you rather not worry about cleaning and kitchen maintenance on the road? Is a simple kitchen and campfire cooking enough? These are all great questions to ask yourself before pulling the trigger on your brand new Calabasas RV.

Once a leader in California motorhome rentals, our staff at 1st Choice RV couldn’t be more thrilled to jump into the world of California RV sales. The above three ideas are just a few of the many things to consider when purchasing a new RV. Towing capacity, insurance, financing, and much more all play a very crucial role in choosing which vehicle is right for you and your family. While there is a lot to consider before purchasing your new motorhome, the process of shopping around, exploring options, and touring potential RVs is very fun and exciting. The experts here at 1st Choice can’t wait to help you choose the vehicle of your dreams!


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