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10 Best California Road Trip Destination Ideas

Posted on Oct 27, 2022

10 Best California Road Trip Destination Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect vacation this fall, or into 2023, look no further than an RV road trip in California. As the leading provider of RV rentals in California, with the best RV rental prices in California to boot, the experts at 1st Choice RV know all of the best places to explore in The Golden State. California has it all in terms of camping destinations – from the expansive deserts to the endless coastline, ancient forests to inspiring mountains – there truly is something for everyone. Not sure where to start when planning your California RV road trip? Below are 10 of our favorite places to take your Orange County RV rental.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise any time of year and has the claim of being the largest alpine lake in North America. You can ski high above its shores in the winter, partake in water sports in the summer, and hike, bike, and climb in the surrounding area year-round. There are RV friendly campsites and campgrounds on all sides of the lake, so you have the freedom to pick the vibe you are looking for while on your California RV rental road trip.

Big Sur

The Big Sur coastline is the ultimate Orange County RV vacation destination. This stretch of California Coast is arguably the most beautiful in the entire state, boasting a rugged shoreline, hidden beaches, quality surfing, and impeccable hiking. Campgrounds line this entire stretch ranging from $35 to $100 per night depending on the number of amenities you are hoping for.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is one of the crown jewels of the national park system and the perfect destination for an RV road trip in California. Whether you are looking for an escape that allows you to relax in nature or are hoping to hike off the beaten path away from the crowds, Yosemite is your ticket. There are 13 campgrounds within the park – with varying levels of amenities – and many more in the surrounding area.

Death Valley

Don’t let the name fool you. Death Valley is one of the most remarkable landscapes in North America. You will be continuously stunned by epic vistas, unforgettable sunsets, and an immeasurably beautiful night sky. Furnace Creek and Sunset are the two biggest campsites in the park – the former boasting full RV hookups – and there are options in the surrounding area as well with even more amenities.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is another otherworldly landscape to add to your California RV rental road trip bucket list. Unique rock formations, ample hiking opportunities, beautiful desert sunsets, and world-class rock climbing await. The park also boasts many campgrounds, some with RV hookups and some more primitive.

Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes

Similar to Lake Tahoe, Mammoth is a year-round destination well worth the road trip. Hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, water sports, and more are all at arms length and the area itself boasts plenty of options for the RV traveller. From sits with full hook-ups to simple flat places to park your rig, you will find the escape you are looking for in one of Californian’s favorite mountain getaways.

Redwoods National Park

At 1st Choice RV, we firmly believe that everyone should spend time in the Redwoods at some point in their lives. These ancient beings will take your breath away and perhaps even change your perspective on life itself. Redwood National Park protects a majority of the world’s redwoods, and you can explore grove after grove by hiking beneath these giants on hundreds of miles of trail. RV camping is primitive in the national park, but you can find other options nearby that serve as the perfect jumping-off point to explore these magical forests.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Similar to the other national parks on our list, Lassen is an incredible getaway for those hoping to escape into nature at whichever pace suits them best. From hiking to stargazing, the unique landscape of Lassen is something to behold and RV camping is some of the best in Northern California. It is a bit further than other places on our list, but the journey is half the adventure when travelling in your Orange County RV.

Mount Shasta

Speaking of journeys, far north in The Golden State sits Mount Shasta – a potentially active volcano and the southernmost in the Cascade Range. This 14,179 foot peak dominates the skyline and puts out indescribable energy. With incredible outdoor activities in all directions, and ample camping available in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and beyond, Mount Shasta is the perfect getaway for those hoping to put some serious miles on their rental RV.

San Elijo

We would be remiss to not include at least one beach on our list of favorite California camping destinations, as many visitors come to The Golden State to experience the Pacific Ocean in all her glory. San Elijo State Beach, located on the coast just a bit north of San Diego, is a great place to stroll in the sand, catch a wave, or relax in the sun. Many campsites at San Elijo offer full hookups, to help you can make your home away from home and beachside getaway as comfortable as you wish!

At 1st Choice RV, we pride ourselves on the size and quality of our fleet, the most affordable RV rental prices in California, and our ability to put together the best California road trip ideas for our clients. Whether you have a motorhome already reserved or are hoping to in the coming year, give us a call! There is nothing we love more than helping turn dreams into reality, as our visitors flock to beautiful California from around the globe!


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