Departures and Training

All Renters are required to do some training before they can take their rental out on vacation. We want to make sure that you and your family is safe as you go off on your adventures! Here are 2 ways we can accomplish this goal of Family fun that is SAFE and WORRY FREE!

“Express” Easy Steps that save you time and gas!

Before your departure

  1. Completely initial, sign and return rental contract/forms and insurance confirmation (binder or purchased online).
  2. You must watch these short videos online within 7 days or less of departure. (Don’t watch it before then… you might forget what you saw!).

On the day of departure


“Travel Trailer” Departure (Applies to those towing as well)

Within 7 days of departure you must come into our office:(Please Call to Make an Appointment)

No Training will be offered at time of pick up. It is extremely critical that you watch the training videos with no disruptions.



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