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Tips on How to Stay Clean while Camping/On the Road

Posted on Feb 01, 2023

Tips on Staying Clean While Camping, or on the Road

Camping can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but it’s a good idea to stay clean while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. We’d like to provide you with some tips for keeping yourself and your campsite clean.

There are a few tricks to staying clean while camping, but it can be tough. No matter how unconcerned you are, you’ll find that after a week, it is a good idea to freshen up, especially if others are camping with you.

There are important things to consider when camping, like conserving water, using handy tools for making things easier, and anticipating the facilities available at the camping site.

The Nature of Cleanliness

Not all campers shower every day. Sometimes a sponge bath is sufficient. A simple rinse-off can be energizing and enough to eliminate bacteria and the odors they cause. You’ll also sleep better when you’re clean.

If you want to feel fresher and more alert during your camping trip, it’s important to brush your teeth every day. You should also rinse your face, underarms, and intimate bits regularly, as this can make a big difference in your morale and overall comfort, and those around you.

Ethical Showering

At home, a nice long hot shower can be a great way to relax. You might even go as far as to say that it can be therapeutic. However, camping in the backcountry and relying on the water capacity and heating ability of your RV shower, keep in mind that it is limited. Considering others should always be top-of-mind.

You can try turning off the water while you lather up, then rinse quickly, then turn the water off again as soon as you’re rinsed off. Your overall shower time should be no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. A washcloth or shower towel is useful when lathering up and rinsing off.

Consider also that your soapy water runs into the wilderness area, so use biodegradable, eco-friendly soaps such as hemp soap, Campsuds, and Joshua Tree Body Wash.

Where to Shower

Once you are prepared with all your accessories, you can figure out the where and how. There are different options depending on the type of camping you’re doing.

Bathing in Nature: There are all sorts of fun and refreshing ways to get clean while camping if the weather is permitting. You can jump into a lake, dip into a hot spring, or take a shower under a waterfall. Just leave soap out of it, even if it is biodegradable.

Camp Showers: Be prepared for a wide variety of accommodations, anything from well-maintained showers to waterspouts. They may have an unlimited supply of hot water allowing for a more therapeutic shower experience. In this case, you may very well be dealing with other campers so you might want to consider showering during off hours. Also, think of hygiene. Flip-flops are a good way to protect yourself from the bacteria that thrive on bathroom floors.

RV Showers: This is of course the convenient option, saving you from wandering around in what might be inclement weather searching for facilities. Everything is handy and self-contained, and if you’ve found a campground with a water hookup, all the better.

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