Rainy day activities for your family on their RV rental road trip

RV rental road trips have always been a great way to get out, see the country, and spend quality time with family and friends.  While ideally, your entire vacation will be sunny and beautiful, that is one of the few things we cannot guarantee at 1st Choice RV.  But no need to fret! Some of the most fun you can have on RV rental road trips is within the walls of your vehicle.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate for a night or two during your adventure, don’t let that get you down.  Simply turn your attention elsewhere and enjoy spending time with your family doing one of our favorite indoor activities.   

Board Games and Card Games

Even if the extended forecast shows sunshine for your entire trip, don’t forget to pack plenty of board games and card games for the ride.  One of the unsung perks of an RV road trip is unplugging from the outside world and, rain or shine, sitting around the table and playing a game with the family is one of the best ways to do so.  Depending on where your road trip leads you, some of your campgrounds may have a designated game hall as well – perfect for those rainy days.  

Arts and Crafts

Another rainy day classic, making arts and crafts with your kids is a great way to pass some time and engage their creative minds.  Have some ideas ready to go before you hit the road so you have all the materials on hand in case a rainy day hits when you are far away from the nearest art supply store.  All Expedition Motorhome RV rentals have plenty of space to spread out and get creative, and what better time to do so than on a rainy day!

Have a Lazy Day

If rain is on the horizon, there is no shame in putting a lazy day on the calendar.  Tell your kids they can stay in pajamas all day because the only expectation of them is to relax!  Watch cartoons in the morning, take naps, put on a movie or two, enjoy some hot chocolate, and listen to the rain pitter patter on your motorhome roof.  However you choose to be lazy is up to you, the only requirement is comfort!

Cook a Big, Delicious Meal

Whether this is an entire rainy day activity or just something tacked on to the end of an already full day, taking advantage of your RV rental kitchen is a great way to spend quality time with the family indoors.  Everyone can help select the menu and participate in the preparation and cooking process.  When all is said and done, you will have a big delicious feast to enjoy and will have spent hours learning, laughing, and cooking with the ones you love most.

Rainy days don’t have to put a damper on your road trip.  In fact, at 1st Choice RV, some of the most fun we have had on the road has been on the rainiest of days.  So don’t let the forecast get you down.  Instead, get excited about all of the wonderful ways you can spend time with your family on a beautiful, drizzly day. 

3 Questions to ask Yourself before going on an RV Road Trip

One of the most beautiful things about a road trip vacation is the freedom that is associated with it.  You are not bound by bus schedules, hotel reservations, or flight itineraries.  Instead, your home is on wheels and you have the incredible freedom to extend a stay or pick up and leave whenever you want.  Because you have so much freedom to work with, there are certain questions to ask yourself before leaving home on an RV road trip that will help make your adventure that much more enjoyable.  Below are just a few questions that the experts at 1st Choice RV recommend asking yourself before putting rubber to pavement.

Is everything in your real home taken care of?

Thoroughly answering this question will prove to alleviate incredible amounts of potential stress that you could feel on the road.  Before heading to Expedition Motorhomes to pick up your rental RV go through a personal mental checklist of all the loose ends at home.  Is the oven off? Are the doors locked? Do you have a house sitter? Do they have a key? Are your pets being taken care of? By checking all of these boxes ahead of time, you can more freely sit back and relax knowing that you will return to a home just as you left it.

Do you know where you are going?

Knowing where you are going matters more to some people than others, but having an itinerary (or at least ambitions) are good to have before starting your road trip.  If you pull out of the Expedition Motorhomes parking lot without the slightest idea of where you want to go you may end up wasting a lot of time that could be spent having fun on the road.  Instead, build a rough itinerary or at least a list of things you want to see or do over the course of your road trip.  Much of this can be pieced together along the way, but going into your trip with at least an outline will help you make the most of it!

Are there any can’t-miss pit stops you want to make?

Maybe you have your major destinations lined out, but have you considered what lies between Point A and Point B? Sometimes a slight detour on a road trip can lead to the highlight of a vacation.  If you know where you want to end up in the end, consider the different ways you can get there and see what interesting pit stops may be along the way.  Chances are good that you may find some incredible surprises!

Motorhome road trips are some of the most fun ways to see the country, but you can’t fly into them without a little preparation.  Don’t let vacation brain take over before you make a list of questions to ask yourself before leaving home on an RV road trip.  If you need help preparing, give our staff a call at 1st Choice RV.  We’re always happy to help!

Essential Things for Your RV Trip

So you’ve done it. You’ve decided to embark on an RV vacation with your family or close buddies, but you’re unsure of what you might want or even need, once you set out to hit the road. Maybe this is also you’re first time take a camper van, and you’re lost as to what this trip might demand of you. If this is the case, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you’ve already read our other blog about what not to bring on your RV expedition, but now we’ll give you some information on what you absolutely should not leave without. Below is a compilation of pure essentials for your camper van vacation.

Always Helpful

You might want to bring a different set of items for your trip based on whether you’re camping out, sleeping in, or what your surroundings will be during the trip. However, there are certain things that you’ll want, no matter what the nature of your vacation is. This includes stuff like a first aid kit, toiletries, a few changes of clothes, and other bare minimums. For the RV itself you’ll want to bring bedding (pillow covers, sheets, blankets), some general cleaning supplies, personal electronics or other methods of entertainment, and indeed any medications you might depend on.RV bathrooms also require some special toilet chemicals as well as camper friendly toilet paper. Hinging on how well your RV is outfitted you may also want to bring Wifi booster, auxiliary cable or other necessary equipment to keep your TV up and running and last but not least, the all critical sewer hose. These items will ensure that you have the fundamental necessities you need while on the road.

Kitchen Supplies

Unless you want to pay through the nose, eating out every single day, cooking will become an integral part of your RV experience, so it’s crucial to have the tools to do it well. You’ll want to bring dishes, cups, and silverware to eat with, but you don’t want to forget niche items which can be extremely useful like a can opener or bottle opener. Other critical items include a cutting board with a couple of knives, all necessary coffee preparation items and most importantly, some paper towels and napkins to keep it clean.

Camping Must-Haves

If you plan to do some actual camping while you’re out on the road, there are some things you’ll want to bring along even in addition to the above necessities. To spend quality time around the campfire, it’s great to have some folding chairs or the like, and you may also want some exterior LED lighting to allow you to see and spend time outside during the night. Also useful is some kind of outdoor ground covering for under the awning of your RV and a heavy tarp can usually work for this. Finally, you’ll absolutely want some form of bug repellent to keep the pesky mosquitoes off you and your loved ones while you tackle the great outdoors.

While these are the essentials, they really only touch on the minimum of what you should bring on your RV trip. Make sure you have everything with you before your trip to make it a truly worthwhile experience.

Ten Misconceptions about Renting an RV

Renting an RV is an exciting experience that opens virtually unlimited doors to travel and adventure.  While motorhomes are comfortable and convenient ways to get around, many people get anxious or nervous about the anticipated challenges that come with renting an RV or similar vehicle.  The truth is, however, that motorhome road trips and renting an RV is much easier than you would imagine.  Each year Expedition Motorhomes rents RVs to people of all ages and with all experience levels, and nearly everyone comes back smiling!  What follows are ten common misconceptions about renting an RV that our experts at Expedition Motorhomes are here to dispel. 

Driving an RV isn’t that much more difficult than driving a car

Sure RVs are larger than your standard automobile, but they aren’t that hard to drive.  You don’t need special training or a special license, and the biggest thing to get used to is the weight and size.  After just a short amount of time behind the wheel, it will feel as natural as driving your own car.

You don’t have to camp in cookie cutter campgrounds

A lot of people avoid renting an RV because they associate the experience with bland campgrounds, crowds, and screaming kids.  While there are RV campgrounds that fall into this category, there are plenty of others to choose from as well.  From primitive and remote wilderness sites without any water or electric hook-ups to luxury campgrounds that pride themselves on space and providing a high quality camping experience, there is no shortage or options on the road.

Travel trailers aren’t that scary either

If a travel trailer is more your speed or budget, give it a shot! While it may seem intimidating up front to tow a trailer behind your vehicle, it really isn’t too bad.  Just like driving a large RV, towing a trailer just takes a little practice.  Of course the most challenging part is backing it up, and even that isn’t too bad and can often be avoided if necessary.  Stop by Expedition Motorhomes and take a test drive to see which type of rental RV is best for you.

Parking an RV really isn’t that hard

Just like driving an RV, parking one isn’t that difficult either. With just a little practice, you will become familiar with the space requirements that your rental vehicle needs and how to best maneuver it.  Pull-thru parking spaces are plentiful, and backing in really isn’t that hard, especially given the help of a back-up camera and copilot.  Like with anything else, parking an RV becomes much easier with just a little practice. 

Camping in primitive sites really is worth it

Many people that rent RVs limit their camping options to campgrounds and sites with all of the hook-ups, but don’t fall into that trap.  So long as you have a stocked RV and a level place to park, primitive sites will often provide the most rewarding nights of your vacation.  Even if you are not plugged in, your generator will be charged and you will still be sleeping in a bed at night!  Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path and find your own quiet escape away from the crowds. 

RV trips are not just for old people

Motorhome road trips have a stigma as the vacation for the elderly, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each year more and more young people are renting RVs and vans to explore the many national parks and wilderness areas around the country.  You will be as likely to run into adventure athletes as retirees on your upcoming RV road trip. 

Luxury motorhomes are definitely a thing

There are many different types of RVs, and Expedition Motorhomes guarantees to have the perfect vehicle for just about anybody.  If you are put off by the idea of renting a motorhome and perhaps feel like you are above it, think again.  Many luxury motorhomes are as nice, if not nicer, than many standard homes on the market.  If you are looking to go on a road trip but not compromise any level of comfort that you have at home, there is still probably a vehicle out there for you. 

Cooking in an RV is just as rewarding as cooking at home

Sure, much of the RV lifestyle is downsized but that doesn’t mean the quality is compromised.  The biggest example of this is the kitchen.  While your rental RV kitchen may be smaller than your kitchen at home, you will be able to produce just as delicious of meals.  Even more, you will be able to enjoy said meals in front of the most beautiful view you can park your dining room in front of!

RVs really are that comfortable

Many of those traveling via RV catch a lot of flak for not actually “camping.”  While people can argue these semantics day and night, the truth is that RV camping really is incredibly comfortable.  You have a full kitchen, welcoming seating areas, television and Internet if you want them, and cozy beds to rest at the end of a long day.  Whether RV camping truly is camping or not doesn’t matter; the point is that traveling in an RV is one of the most comfortable ways to see the countryside. 

RV rentals can be affordable

At Expedition Motorhomes, we pride ourselves on providing the best rental motorhomes at the most affordable prices.  Our staff will work with you to find the right match at the right price-point before sending you off on the most fun vacation you will ever have!

Expedition Motorhomes has been renting RVs for years and has calmed the nerves of plenty of clients.  Truth be told, while it may seem intimidating to rent a motorhome, by the end of your vacation you will come back smiling.  So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and start setting up the road trip of your dreams.

Gift Ideas for RVers

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, which means the holidays are right around the corner.  Whether someone in your family is a regular RV road tripper or had their first experience this summer, it’s never too early to start thinking about potential RV gift ideas.  There is no shortage of fun and practical RV gift ideas for the motorhome enthusiast in your life.  Below are some favorites of the staff here at Expedition Motorhomes. 

National Park Pass

Without question our favorite RV gift idea year after year is an annual national park pass.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  A national park pass is good for an entire year and offers the holder access to any national park in the country – including over 2,000 federal recreation sites, wildlife refuges, monuments, and parks.  Even if your gift recipient doesn’t have a major road trip on the calendar yet, chances are they will be able to put this park pass to use!

Extended Mirrors

Arguably the hardest thing about motorhome road trips is driving the motorhome, and one thing that can help with this is extended mirrors.  Current designs have addressed previous issues of vibration and compatibility with different shapes.  You can now buy extended side mirrors for virtually any vehicle, helping eliminate the stress and anxiety of backing up or switching lanes in a vehicle bigger than you usually drive. 

State Sticker or Magnet Map

This one is a classic for any road trip enthusiasts.  If you are slowly visiting state after state after state, why not keep track in a fun and decorate way?  There is a variety of state sticker or magnet maps that help the owners identify and keep track of which states they’ve visited and which are left.  This also acts as a great tool to help RVers plan future road trip itineraries if the goal is to visit all 50 States!

String Lights

There are countless options for string lights nowadays, and it is up to you to find the design and color scheme you like.  No matter which you choose, adding some color and light to your mobile patio is a great way to extend your evenings outdoors and add some ambiance to your campsite. 

Hitch Safe Key Vault

Many people on motorhome road trips park their RV and take advantage of the beautiful natural world around them.  Whether they are hiking, biking, fishing, or exploring an area in their own way RV road trips are perfect for adventure.  The adventure you want to avoid however, is that which occurs when you lose a key or lock yourself out of both your home and vehicle.  The trailer hitch key vault is your answer to this.  The metal construction and passcode entry allows for you to go on whatever adventure the day holds and not have to worry about losing your keys along the way.

Comfy Camp Chairs

While many campsites come with at least a picnic table, there is no substitution for a comfortable camp chair.  Again, there are countless varieties to choose from and it is up to you (or your gift recipient) to find the most comfortable!  No matter what you choose, though, we guarantee they will be more comfortable than a wooden picnic bench. 

RV Travel Journal

So much happens when you are on the road, and it would be a shame to forget it all!  While many people keep track of things on their phones or computers, there is nothing like keeping notes and telling stories in a journal.  Nowadays, there are special travel journals that are easy to fill in and include special prompts to help motivate those with writer’s block.  Journals like these make perfect gifts for friends and family who travel a lot and seem to have story after story upon return!

It is never too early to start thinking about gifts for the holidays and, if you have a passionate RV enthusiast in your life, the list of potential options is endless.  Above are just some of our favorite and must-have items at 1st Choice RV, but the list is endless.  There are countless ways to help enhance an RV road trip – from the smallest gift to the grandest gesture – and finding the perfect present is half the fun!

21 Day RV Trip around California’s National Parks

Solstice has come and gone, summer vacation is in full swing, and the time to start enjoying some well-earned time off is now!  There are countless types of vacations to choose from but naturally, at 1st Choice RV, we are partial to the summer road trip.  California is a state ripe for big highway adventures, and there are so many different directions in which to take yours.  From coastal exploration to mountain getaways you can’t go wrong with any California road trip itinerary you choose.  What follows is just a sample itinerary of what a summer on the road in The Golden State could look like – a 21 day, 2,000 mile, 38 hour road trip visiting all nine of California’s national parks.  Whether that much of a commitment fits into your schedule or not, at least pencil in a few stops to some of this state’s most iconic and beautiful natural wonders. 

Day 1 – 3: Los Angeles to Ventura/Channel Islands National Park

You will be putting in a lot of hours behind the wheel and seeing much of the beautiful state of California on this road trip, but the first leg is actually quite short.  It is just over an hour from Los Angeles to Ventura, where you will catch a ferry to Channel Islands National Park.  This short drive will allow you the chance to get used to driving a bigger rig, and the park itself is well worth a visit.  There are five islands that make up this park, each boasting great opportunities to hike, snorkel, dive, kayak, surf, explore tide pools, and/or view wildlife.  All in all, this is the ideal slow and remote start to your 2,000 mile road trip.

Day 3 – 4: Pinnacles National Park

When you return to the mainland from the Channel Islands, hop back into your motorhome and start working your way the 3.75 hours north to Pinnacles National Park.  While the landscape and unique hiking, climbing, and wildlife viewing opportunities of Pinnacles are worth the visit, the drive up the Pacific Coast is worthy of a road trip all itself.  Be sure to take your time and soak up the beautiful Pacific Views as you head north!

Day 4 – 8: Redwoods National Park

At 7.5 hours from Pinnacles to Redwoods National Park, this is the longest drive between parks on this road trip itinerary. However, it is also one of the most beautiful and fun stretches of highway.  Continue north up the Pacific Coast enjoying the coastal mountains and ocean views as you drive through and past San Francisco to some of the largest trees in the country.  The redwoods and the surrounding landscape is an iconic part of the American landscape and certainly a sight to behold.  But don’t skimp on the drive up! Enjoy every minute of time on the road and don’t shy away from stopping for a night at any number of magical places along the way.

Day 8 – 9: Lassen Volcanic National Park

After enjoying a couple of days at the furthest north national park in California, turn your RV around and head southeast 4.25 hours to Lassen Volcanic National Park – home to volcanoes, alpine lakes, steaming fumaroles, and the perfect transition into the mountainous middle leg of this epic road trip.   

Day 9 – 13: Yosemite National Park

From Lassen National Park, you will point your RV south through the Sierras, past Lake Tahoe, and to the granddaddy of California’s parks – Yosemite National Park.  Similar to driving the coast, the route to Yosemite is riddled with beautiful places to stop so don’t let a tight itinerary hold you down.  The beauty of the road trip is freedom to shoot from the hip and adjust your travel plans accordingly, and you should feel empowered to do just that!  That said, Yosemite National Park is a spectacle and certainly worth a few days of your time.  From massive mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, there are enough places to explore in Yosemite to keep you occupied for a lifetime. 

Day 13 – 15: Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks

When you’ve seen enough of Yosemite, or at least decided that you need to come back to see the rest, continue south through the Sierra for 4.75 hours to the duo of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  Similar to Yosemite, these parks are home to great hiking, awe-inspiring mountains, and remarkable wildlife.  These parks have the bonus of being home to more ancient giants in incredible old growth stands of Sequoia trees. 

Day 15 – 18: Death Valley National Park

The second longest point to point drive on this itinerary – 7 hours – will take you out of the mountains and into the otherworldly desert environment of Death Valley National Park.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Death Valley is a spectacular natural wonder and the largest national park in the contiguous U.S.   It also happens to be the hottest, driest, and lowest of all the parks and boasts the second lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 282 feet below sea level.  Spend a few days exploring this park, learning about the desert environment, and drinking plenty of water!

Day 18 – 20: Joshua Tree National Park

From Death Valley, it is a 4 hour drive to the final park on your itinerary – Joshua Tree National Park.  This drive, of course, could be much longer if your final days in Death Valley are spent on the opposite end of one of country’s largest national parks.  That said, the drive itself is beautiful and the final destination is one of our favorites.  It is unbelievable that a landscape as unique and beautiful as Joshua Tree is located in the backyard of such a major urban environment.  This park, like all the others, could be explored for weeks, months, or a lifetime and after just one visit you will soon discover why.  The rock formations, mountains, trees, and desert ecology make J-Tree the perfect place to wrap up an epic 21 day national park adventure.

Day 21: Return to Los Angeles

At this point, you have likely covered 2,000 miles on the road and have driven for more than 35 hours.  You’ve seen 9 national parks and countless ecosystems.  From ocean tide pools to redwood forests, alpine meadows to desert oases, you have experienced much of the best California has to offer, and it is time to make the final 2 hour drive west to Los Angeles to return your motorhome rental.  What a trip!

California is a state full of countless natural wonders, and there is no better way to experience them than via the highway system.  And, if you are planning a road trip, why not do it in maximum comfort and style with an 1st Choice RV rental? The itinerary above is just an example of how you could spend 21 days on the road, but there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Take your time, stop where you want, and enjoy all of the freedom that the open road has to offer.  One thing is for sure – it will be a summer vacation you won’t soon forget! 

How to get Internet in your RV

In today’s day and age, it is getting increasingly hard to tune out and leave the world behind for awhile.  Whether you are working remotely or feel the draw to stay connected to news, social media, family, or friends it can be hard to forget the Internet and relax unconnected on vacation.  If this sounds like you, and as you begin to make plans for your upcoming motorhome trip, consider the best options for RV wifi while on the road. While disconnecting for a period of time can be healthy and rewarding, staying connected may also be a necessity.  If you are hoping for RV wifi on your next road trip, consider one of these popular options.

Public Wi-Fi

Oftentimes the best and simplest ways to get Internet or RV wifi will be public wi-fi, and thankfully in 2019 this can be pretty easy to come by.   Most privately owned campgrounds will have free Internet, and even some public campgrounds in the parks will as well.  Of course, you will be sharing the Internet with other campers so it may not always be the fastest.  If you need to speed things up, try stepping out of your RV which can block the signal or physically moving closer to the router itself. 

Range Extenders and Signal Boosters

Wi-Fi range extenders and signal boosters can make an Internet connection stronger which in turn will provide better RV wifi for you and your family.  If the Internet you are using is part of a strong network, a range extender can take the signal and make it even better.  There is a variety of technology that can do this, and ultimately it is up to you to choose the best investment for your needs.  Nowadays many RV companies are developing range extenders and signal boosters specifically for those using motorhomes and, like any piece of tech, they range from relatively cheap to fairly expensive. 

Portable Hotspot

Portable hotspots are great for those RV travelers with an unknown or not fully developed itinerary.  If you are unsure if you will have internet at your next destination, a portable hotspot can alleviate that stress of the unknown.  With this piece of technology you can travel nearly anywhere and still have some semblance of Internet access, and these are especially great for those heading south into Mexico.  If nothing else, portable hotspots are a formidable piece of communication insurance as you embark on your RV road trip.   

Cellular Data

Lastly, and likely familiar to nearly all motorhome travelers at this point, is cellular data.  Most carriers have excellent data coverage across the states, and you can simply use your personal devices to access the Internet so long as you are in range.  Depending on where you plan to travel, it may be a good idea to check your provider’s coverage map to see if you will be in their signal range.

At Expedition Motorhomes, we completely understand the need to stay connected as well as the desire to get out and explore!  While the above are all great options, accessing Internet on the road is simply not something you will have to worry about with our vehicles.  1st Choice RV provides WiFi in all of our RVs for rent – giving you one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your upcoming RV road trip. 

The Perfect Guide for your First RV Rental

The motorhome road trip is experiencing a bit of a renaissance – and for good reason.  Whether you own an RV or are utilizing an RV rental service, there are few better ways to see the country, spend quality time with people you care about, and enjoy maximum comfort and freedom while on vacation.  There is something special about sitting behind the wheel of an RV and either following an itinerary you built yourself or shooting from the hip and building an adventure as you go.  Either way, the world is your oyster and an RV rental can be the perfect pearl.  If you have never rented a motorhome before, however, it can seem daunting.  What follows are a handful of tips that we have picked up over the years to help make your first RV rental experience go as enjoyably as it should.   


Before walking into Expedition Motorhomes to ask for an RV, put in some solid groundwork planning.  Researching the type of RV that is best for your needs and your group size will help you make the most of your trip.  Additionally, take some time to map out an itinerary – either a rough draft or fully complete – so you are not totally overwhelmed with options when you hit the road.

Build a Budget

For those who haven’t traveled via RV before, building a budget can go a long way.  Motorhomes do not get great gas mileage, but what you spend in fuel you can make up in lodging fees and cooking meals for yourself.  As you develop your road trip budget, don’t forget campground expenses (and extra RV fees), park passes, activities, and meals.  You can manage all of these easily, but having something to aim for going into your road trip will help you formulate an itinerary that meets all of your needs.

Research Destinations and Campgrounds

Everyone is looking for something a little different out of their vacation, and RVs provide the perfect vehicle to accommodate for these varying needs.  From all-encompassing RV parks with swimming pools, activity halls, and full hook-ups to more rustic campgrounds with the bare minimum, there is something for everyone.  As you build your itinerary or start your road trip, be sure to communicate with your travel companions about expectations and desires!

RVs are not Cars!

While this may seem obvious, it takes a little bit of time to get used to driving an RV.  Parking, backing up, a wide turning radius and getting blown around by the wind are just some motorhome variables that you won’t experience in your sedan.   Before taking off on an ambitious road trip, you should take the time to get comfortable behind the wheel of a big RV.  Test driving at a dealership or rental outfit is a great way to feel it out. 

Simply put, RV rental road trips are some of the best vacations one can take in North America.  Nothing quite beats seeing the country from the highway, pulling over when you feel like it to explore something a little bit closer, and enjoying home cooked meals and a comfortable bed at the end of a long day.  While it may seem intimidating to the first time renter, it shouldn’t be.  With the proper preparation and a little bit of help from the pros at 1st Choice RV you, too, will soon find out why the RV road trip can be the vacation of a lifetime!  

3 Tech Gadgets to Bring with you on your RV Road Trip

You can’t put a price on quality time spent in the great outdoors.  Whether you are going solo or spending time with friends and family, a little bit of adventure and exploration goes a long way!  Nature-based vacations can range from extremely rustic to incredibly posh, and somewhere in the middle lies the RV road trip.  Perfect for folks who want to get out and explore but don’t want to leave all of the comforts of home at home, experiencing the world via motorhome provides the ideal balance.  As you prepare for your upcoming RV trip, consider adding these bits of RV tech and travel tech gadgets to your packing list if you really want to feel at home.  

Portable Speaker

A little music goes a long way in making your campsite feel like home and of all the tech gadgets we’ve seen, portable speakers seem to be getting increasingly more popular.  There is an incredible variety in this RV tech and buyers can explore countless different options that vary in terms of size, audio output, battery life, water resistance, etc.  Whether you are sitting around the picnic table for lunch, relaxing around the campfire in the evening or enjoying a big view at the end of a long hike, this little bit of travel tech can add a lot to your RV vacation.

Portable Charger

While your RV does have electric capabilities, your itinerary will dictate how readily available electricity is.  If you find yourself parking at more rustic or remote campgrounds without hookups, or intend on embarking on multi-day hikes into the backcountry, portable chargers are a bit of travel tech that you simply cannot live without.  There is nothing more infuriating than lining up to take the perfect photo of that unforgettable sunset and having your phone or camera die.  With lightweight, efficient, and affordable portable chargers flooding the RV tech market, that never has to be a concern again.  This is a piece of travel tech that you will soon wonder how you ever lived without.

WiFi Hot-Spot

It is simply incredible how far technology has come in such a short period of time.  With a portable WiFi hot-spot, you’ll virtually never have to be without internet again.  These tech gadgets are perfect for those with unknown or not fully developed itineraries, those planning to work from the road, or road trippers heading down into Mexico.  Don’t be caught out of communication.  Add a WiFi hot-spot to your tech shopping list today!

Heading out on a road trip, exploring California’s beautiful countryside, and soaking up nature is the perfect summertime activity, but at Expedition Motorhomes we understand the apprehension that comes with leaving the “real world” behind.  Now, however, that no longer needs to be a concern.  Build your tech gadget packing list for your upcoming RV road trip with 1st Choice RV and, aside from the wheels underneath your bed, it’ll feel like you never left home!

An Unforgettable 7-Day RV Trip Around California

If the day to day of urban life is getting you down, it is time to leave the crowds and the traffic behind and head out on a one week RV trip in California. You will find that RV travel is the cure for what ails you after just a few short hours on the road. 

The itinerary of this RV trip will keep you cruising around the southern part of the state, but don’t worry! You will get plenty of desert, beach, and national park with a little bit of city sprinkled on top. The daily driving hours will be kept to a minimum to ensure that you get as much activity time as possible. 

One Week RV Trip in California

Day #1: San Diego

Once you pick up your vehicle from 1st Choice RV, you can head to the beautiful city of San Diego.  While you could easily spend your whole seven days hanging out here, it is best to hit a few highlights and then continuing your RV trip. 

One of those highlights that shouldn’t be missed is the San Diego Zoo which is home to more than 3,000 animals including giant pandas. You can spend most of your day visiting the zoo as it has over 100 acres to explore. 

Day #2: Anza Borrego State Park

Next stop on your 7 day trip around California should be the Anza Borrego State Park which is two hours away from San Diego. Head out here in the morning of day two, and you can spend some time exploring this UNESCO heritage site and hiking the trails. Dress appropriately because the weather can be extreme in this part of the desert. 

If you can pull yourself away from the unique beauty of the Anza Borrego State Park, you can spend the afternoon on your second day in the Joshua Tree National Park. The fee to get into the park is $30, and you need to make sure that you have fully stocked your RV with water and snacks because you won’t find any in the park itself. Enjoy the sunset, and then get to sleep early because day three is going to be full of exploring. 

Day #3: Joshua Tree National Park

Wake up bright and early on day three, and you can spend some of your RV trip out of the RV! There are plenty of trails to hike in the Joshua Tree National Park, and you can learn a lot about the history of the park if you opt for a ranger-guided tour. 

Remember to stay hydrated while you are roaming the park. You may want to get a good hydration backpack to take with you. The desert can be a dangerous place if you do not have enough water on hand.

Day #4: Los Angeles

This will mostly be an RV travel day as you head up to Los Angeles. However, you won’t have to spend the entire time on the road because there are plenty of little stop-offs to enjoy. Such as a wild horse rescue center or the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.

Even with a few stops, you should hit LA by the evening, just in time for dinner!

Day #5: Beverly Hills

You should definitely spend the fifth day of your trip enjoying some of the finer points of Los Angeles. There is something for everyone in this city no matter what your interests. Head to the Chinese Theater and look at the celebrity handprints if you are a movie buff, shoppers may enjoy a trip down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and there is always the La Brea Tar Pits as well. Science buffs may enjoy a visit to the Griffith Observatory. 

Day #6: San Diego

After a solid day of city exploration, you will likely be ready to get back to your RV travel plan. You are going to be making your way back to San Diego today, but this time you will be using the Pacific Coast Highway. You will want to stay on route 1 south to make the most of your drive time. The views are much more scenic. 

Make a pit stop at the Santa Monica Pier after you head out of LA. You can ride the iconic amusement park rides, and spend a few hours munching on carnival food before continuing on towards San Diego. 

If you are ready for a little more sun and surf, you can make another stop at Huntington Beach before heading on to Crystal Cove State Park and Laguna Beach. Spend the night in Laguna watching the sunset. 

Day #7: Botanical gardens

Before ending your one-week RV trip in California and returning your vehicle. Spend a few hours in the botanical gardens once you get back to San Diego. It is actually one of the largest in the country and well worth the visit.

As you can see, there is plenty to do on a seven day RV trip through southern California. Expedition Motor Homes can help you enjoy all the fun. Head to the contact page to make your reservation today. 

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