RV Bucket List – 25 Great Places To Check Out!

It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to think about all those amazing places that you have always dreamed about visiting, but have somehow put off. Why wait any longer?

From its high mountains and deserts to its abundance of breathtaking ocean views and sand beaches, California is the ideal destination to fulfill that bucket list you have been fantasizing about. Whether you prefer to surf, climb mountains, go fishing, or just relax and take in the spectacular scenery, pile into your RV and come enjoy all that California has to offer.

25 Top Attractions In California That You Must See!

California’s Top 5 landmarks that are sure to delight you and the whole family

Top 5 places for the nature lover

Top 5 places for great sightseeing:

10 things to do while your RV is parked

Here are some other great suggestions that would be perfect to include in your California journey.

Now that you have all of these great options, there is no time like the present to turn your dream into a reality and get started on the RV journey of a lifetime. Contact 1st Choice RV to reserve your RV Rental now!

Take An Epic Road Trip To The Big Sur In Your RV

When you pick up your RV in your mind you will generally want to have a plan in place for where you will go. At 1st Choice RV we constantly hear great things about the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, making the journey over a few days with the big goal reaching California’s Big Sur.

Along California’s Central Coast, Big Sur does not have a defined area. The most commonly referred to area is the 80 mile coastline from Monterey County’s Carmel River to San Carpoforo Creek in the county of San Luis Obispo.

The journey from 1st Choice RV, Irvine to the heart of Big Sur is around 320 miles. While not the longest of distances, we recommend making the journey over five days. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy all sorts of activities on the way there without the need to be on the road for hours on end.

Day 1

Drive from: 1st Choice RV to Walnut RV Park
Highly Recommended Activities: Universal Studios, Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory.
Recommended Accommodation: Walnut RV Park

Overview: Day 1 will see you drive through the heart of Los Angeles. No trip through California is complete without seeing the world famous sites that are featured all over TV. The sites are just off the direct route to the RV Park, therefore there are no major issues in getting to Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory. You should do the above activities in this order as Universal Studios is a full day for most families. You can then head to the Hollywood Sign as sunset approaches for some magnificent photo opportunities before heading to the Griffith University which is open until 10pm.

Full driving directions for this day can be found here.

Day 2

Drive from: Walnut RV Park to Ventura Beach RV Resort (via Malibu)
Highly Recommended Activities: The Getty Center and Malibu Beach.
Recommended Accommodation: Ventura Beach RV Resort

Overview: Day 2 will start with you heading back South on a bee line through Malibu Creek State Park towards Malibu. Once you reach the coastline, you will come across the Getty Center where you can spend the morning checking out some amazing art, architecture and exclusive exhibitions. Once the heat of the day approaches, it is time to hit the coast. Spend the afternoon exploring the vast Malibu beaches, all with their unique features. Finish up the day in Ventura with the amazing beach resort where you can have dinner on the beach.

Full driving directions for this day can be found here.

Day 3

Drive from: Ventura Beach RV Resort to Santa Maria RV Park
Highly Recommended Activities: Santa Barbara County Courthouse and the Lompoc Wine Ghetto.
Recommended Accommodation: Santa Maria RV Park

Overview:  This day will be one that will be remembered as unique to say the least. Leaving Ventura for the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, you will discover some old architecture that has been maintained extremely well leaving an impression on all visitors. Then its time for the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, an ugly looking building from the outside is alive and buzzing on the inside with great wine tasting opportunities from around the area. There is also enough cheese to go around for the kids.

Full driving directions for this day can be found here.

Day 4

Drive from: Santa Maria RV Park to San Simeon State Park & Campground
Highly Recommended Activity: Dinosaur Caves Park
Recommended Accommodation: San Simeon State Park & Campground

Overview:  The first stop of the day is the Dinosaur Caves Park. There is plenty of interesting things going on in this 11 acre park. Highlights include the massive play area, two concrete dolphins and Oreo the Orca. It is then time for Hearst Castle, a vision of newspaper agent William Hearst the grounds have stunning gardens, a Neptune pool with Roman temple centerpiece all surrounding the 60,000 square foot main house.

Full driving directions for this day can be found here.

Day 5

Drive from: San Simeon State Park & Campground to Big Sur

Full driving directions for this day can be found here.

What To Do In The Big Sur

Now that you have made the final destination, we suggest taking 2 – 3 days to truly explore the area. Depending on your timeline, you may want to spend even longer in the region or you may need to start heading back to Irvine earlier.

10 Recommended Activities At The Big Sur:

1. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
2. Henry Miller Memorial Library
3. Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach
4. McWay Falls
5. Pardington Cove
6. Big Sur Station
7. Limekiln State Park Hiking
8. Point Sur Lightstation
9. Esalen Institute – Hot Springs
10. BigSur Bakery

5 Recommended Accommodation At The Big Sur:

1. Fernwood Resort, Big Sur
2. Big Sur Campgrounds & Cabins
3. Kirk Creek Big Sur
4. Riverside Campground & Cabins
5. Plaskett Creek Campground

So there we have it. If you follow the itinerary above, we are sure you will have an awesome holiday You may want to follow only parts of the plan, RVs are great in that they allow flexibility so do not feel the pressure to stick to the plan.

If you have any questions, the team here at 1st Choice RV would love to help you, they have extensive knowledge of the entire state of California to ensure you get the most out of your trip!

Top RV Accessories

RV Accessories – For the Perfect RV Trip

Purchasing an RV is a big decision. Ensuring that your RV is equipped with the latest RV accessories can help to enhance your trip on the road even more.  Below are our top RV accessory picks that will enhance your next RV trip experience!

RV Awning

The first RV accessory to consider is an awning. An awning comes in handy for those who like privacy, shade and protection from rain. It is best to choose an awning that has mildew resistance fabric with color that makes your RV come alive.

Extra Sewer Hose

Sewage is a messy subject that tends to be avoided. However, with only you to blame in case the unthinkable does happen, it should definitely be prepared for. Sewage hoses can get damaged in a variety of ways such as animal trespassing, damage from rocks and incorrect storage.

Child Gates (multi purpose)

Children can be rug rats at the best of time. Therefore, if they are going to be on your RV it is highly recommended that you invest in child gates. Gates with interlocking panels are you best bet for safety as well as the ability to be used for various other opportunities, such as fencing your dogs, protecting belongings from invaders and acting as a divider between your RV and social spaces.  You can easily purchase child gates in large box retailers such as Wal-Mart of Target.

Rear-view Trailer Level

At $15 – $20, the purchasing of a rear-view trailer level is your last necessary accessory to make your RV trip an unforgettable one. The level sits on the front of the trailer in view of the rear-view mirror, which allows the driver to test the levelness on all four planes without the need of other assistance.

RV Rentals in California

At 1st Choice RV, we understand everything about RVs. RV accessories can really make all the difference on a RV trip.  Talk to our team today by calling our Toll Free (888) 238-RENT or come visit our offices to get a first hand look at all our latest RV models!

Top RV Destinations in Southern California

Top RV Destinations – Southern California


To say that America is a large country is an understatement. This makes getting around even large states like California tricky. A great option for families is to rent an RV, a home on the road offers convenience and flexibility. Southern California is a mecca for RV travel. Knowing these 5 top RV parks in the region before you leave enhances your experience even more.

1st Choice RV Top 5 RV Parks

1) Chula Vista RV Resort & Vista: Located in San Diego Bay, this dream winter destination with its warm climate has entertainment year round. The award winning park features 237 parking spaces, and is a great base for all of your San Diego activities.

2) Balboa RV Park: Located close to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain, this convenient location has 187 large parks available. They ensure you have a quality experience with full hook-ups complimentary.

3) Walnut RV Park: This Park features a swimming pool, as well as free wireless. There are dozens of attractions nearby including LA Zoo and the Hollywood Sign. There are also plenty of state parks and golf courses within an hour’s drive. You can easily base yourself in Walnut Park for a good month and still run out of time to do everything.

4) Desert Oasis Mobile Home & RV Resort: Located next to the famous mineral baths in Desert Hot Springs, this is a great location  for some R&R away from the busy streets of Southern California.

5) Malibu Beach RV Park: Malibu is an area where everyone dreams of spending a few days. This RV Park is a great facility, with a hot tub for adults and plenty of activities for the kids. If you are lucky you may spot some dolphins or whales right from your RV!

1st Choice RV – Best RV Rental Prices in Southern California!

At 1st Choice RV, we have a variety of RVs for you to suit your needs. RVs, Motorhomes, travel trailers and toy haulers mean there is something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. With competitive prices, you deserve the best vehicle for your trip. If we happen to have no availability for the time you want to rent a vehicle, we will upgrade you for free. Book online today or call us at Toll Free: (888) 238-RENT


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